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The Commission on Domestic Violence was set up under Article 3 of the Domestic Violence Act (Chapter 481) on March 1, 2006. The main role of the Commission is that of advising the Minister responsible for social policy on all aspects of Domestic Violence.
These aspects include:
(i) combating against domestic violence, especially by raising awareness on the problem.
(ii) suggesting areas for research, recommending policy amendments, and identifying training for professional groups.
The Commission aims at increasing awareness and understanding about domestic violence by creating awareness raising campaigns based on specific themes.   Such themes are generally aimed towards providing educational messages and information on how one can get help and at prevention.
In its work, the Commission on Domestic Violence consults and liaises with various stakeholders.  Through such consultations the Commission provides recommendations for policy, services and legislation based on evidence-based research.
The Commission has issued a public consultation titled “Reporting Domestic Violence - Guidelines for Journalists and Media Content Producers”.  More details can be found here​.

The MCAST app on Domestic violence is a joint project between students of the Institute of Community Services and of Information and Communication Technology ICT.  The task of the Community Services students was to prepare the content and of ICT to create the app with the content provided.​  The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or from the link below.​

Current Events

  15th – 16th November 2018: FJC International Conference ‘One Safe Place for Hope and Empowerment’​

Past Events​

   1st June 2018: CDV Annual Conference ‘Prevention is no Invention Just Being Smart’​

  15-16 February 2018: Conference ‘ Looking at Health through the Gender Kaleidoscope’ by The Learning Institute for Health Care Professionals​ within MUMN. Click here for Conference Programme​
  ​21st January 2018:  Ray Darmanin ExhibitionExhibition flyer​

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