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eCommerce Malta National Strategy (2014-2020): Mid-Term Evaluation


From: Ministry for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy​​
​(​​​Malta Communications Authority)
​Published: ​22 May 2017
Running till: ​21 July 2017
​Last Updated: ​24 July 2017
1.        Background
In October 2014, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA), together with Government, published the eCommerce Malta National Strategy, 2014-2020 , aimed at ensuring that businesses have the necessary means and skills to capitalise on opportunities brought about by eCommerce. The strategy sets out Government’s policy in relation to eCommerce and identifies a series of initiatives that are to be implemented during the strategy plan period.
This Strategy revision reviews the current status of the policy’s implementation to date and charts an updated way forward to continue to generate an eCommerce landscape that is creative and innovative, collaborative and adaptable.
2.        Consultation Questions
1.      Are you aware of the MCA's National eCommerce Strategy (2014 - 2020)?
2.      Do you think that this strategy review paper, essentially, captures the current state of play of eCommerce in Malta? (Yes / No) If not, explain why.
3.      Have you participated in any of the initiatives that the MCA held over the past 2 years, as listed in Chapter 3 in this review paper? If you did participate, please provide your feedback with regard to the effectiveness of the initiative and any suggestions on how it can be improved further.
4.      Do you think that there are other focus areas besides the ones identified in this strategy review paper that the MCA should consider? If so, please mention any other area/s that you think warrant consideration, explaining the reason/s in support of your suggestion.
5.      In what ways do you think the initiatives being proposed in this review paper could contribute towards an increase in the adoption of eCommerce by businesses established in Malta?
6.      Can you suggest any further initiatives you believe the MCA could undertake to help develop further eCommerce activity in Malta?
7.      Do you have any additional comments which you would like to put forward regarding the National eCommerce Strategy review and/or the general state of eCommerce in Malta?
3.        Documents
4.        Submission of input
Submissions were sent in through the following channels:
By email:  ​​
By post:     eCommerce Malta, Malta Communications Authority, Valletta Waterfront, Pinto Wharf, Floriana, FRN1913.
Submissions were received by 21st July 2017.
We thank you for your input.
Data Protection Statement Data Protection Act (Chapter 440)
The Data Protection Act, 2001 regulates the processing of personal data whether held electronically or in manual form. The Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties collects only information which is necessary for it to perform its intended functions and is set to fully comply with the Data Protection Principles as set out in the Act.  Verification of the ID number provided will take place as deemed necessary. All personal data provided will be processed according to the Data Protection Act (Cap 440).
In addition, please be aware of:
·         Disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (Chapter 496)
As we are a public authority all documents we hold, including documents related to this public consultation process, may be released following a request to us under the Freedom of Information Act (Chap. 496), unless such request may be subject of an exemption arising from the same Act.


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