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National Strategy for the Environment 2050


From: Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise
(​Environment & Resources Authority)​
​Published: ​7 September 2022
Running till: ​4 November 2022
​Last Updated: ​7 November 2022

1.        Background​


A healthy environment is both our duty and our right, and it is each and everyone’s moral and legal obligation to contribute towards a sustainable future. Choosing the path and setting the pace for protecting and managing our environment from now till the next generation is critical for a future which includes our common goods. This is what the National Strategy for the Environment (NSE) will strive to achieve.

The NSE, which is mandated by Article 45 of the Environment Protection Act (Cap. 549), translates the previously published Wellbeing First Vision for 2050 into a strategic policy direction for our environment by setting out long-term Strategic Goals and Objectives that outline how this is going to be done. The NSE is underpinned by the recognition that the environment supports the existence of society, which in turn creates economic activity to sustain itself, and one cannot function successfully without the other.

The NSE has been built on eight Strategic Goals, which address traditional environmental facets complemented with pillars which focus on key environmental challenges which our country faces, whilst also laying down the roadmap to enable and empower changes that are needed in order to support an environmental transformation over a generation. The eight Strategic Goals are related to Clean Air, Quality Neighbourhood, Thriving Biodiversity, Zero Waste, Resilient Land Resources, Flourishing Seas, Sustainable Water Resources and Enabling Change.


2.        Consultation Questions
ERA is inviting the public and interested stakeholders to provide their feedback on the draft National Strategy for the Environment 2050. The following consultation questions are being provided to guide the consultation:
  1. Do you think that the proposed Strategic Goals and Objectives adequately provide the environmental direction which is required in the coming 30 years?
  2. What strategic actions, besides those already mentioned under the respective Strategic Objectives, do you feel should be included?
  3. Action Plans will be developed to turn the Strategy into reality, each covering roughly a 10-year period until 2050. What actions should the first NSE Action Plan prioritise till 2030?

3.        Documents
4.        Submission of input
Submissions were sent in by email to: by 4 November 2022.                              
We thank you for your input.

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