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Open Public Consultation – Sites recommended by the Planning Authority to be declared as ‘Public Domain’


From: Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning
(Planning Authority)
​Published: 18 February 2020
Running till: ​30 March 2020
​Last Updated: 1 April 2020

1.        Background​

wo sites, one known as l-Għadira s-Safra, limits of Naxxar, and the other forming part of a larger area known as tal-Għeriexem and il-Marġ, limits of Rabat (Malta), are being recommended by the Planning Authority to be declared as ‘Public Domain’. 

L-Għadira s-Safra is a unique transitional coastal wetland situated between Qalet Marku and Għallis, limits of Naxxar. The site was scheduled as a Level 1 Area of Ecological Importance, a Level 1 Site of Scientific Importance in 1995, and later designated as a Natura 2000 site in view of the rare protected flora and fauna supported by this habitat.

The area included within the larger proposed site at tal-Għeriexem and il-Marġ, which is being recommended for consideration as public domain, incorporates the Domus Romana and the Saracen Cemetery, located just outside Mdina. In addition to its archaeological value, the site forms part of the Mdina Area of High Landscape Value.

These two locations have been shortlisted from the sites proposed between 2017 and 2019 following a review in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code (Cap 16). The list of proposed sites included Wied Għomor and Wied il-Kbir in San Ġwann; the Plague Cemetery in Bormla; the inland and coastal area from Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq to Pembroke; tal-Għeriexem and il-Marġ, limits of Rabat; l-Għadira s-Safra; and a site in Bulebel.

Sites and properties may only be proposed by the Minister responsible for Lands, Members of Parliament or non-governmental organizations. The declaration of sites as public domain rests with Parliament.

Proposals for new sites will not be considered through this public consultation exercise. 

2.        Documents

The proposed procedures may be downloaded from the Planning Authority website:

3.        Submission of input

Representations were to be made in writing and sent
By post:     Planning Director (Public Domain)
                 Planning Authority
                 St. Francis Ravelin,
                 ​Floriana FRN1230
Submissions were received by 30 March 2020.    ​
We thank you for your input.

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