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Mid-term evaluation of Erasmus+ Open Public Consultation


From: EUPA – Erasmus +
​(Ministry for Education and Employment)
​Published on: 9 March 2017
Running till: ​31 May 2017
​Last Updated: 1 June 2017

1.        Background
The European Commission has submitted an open public consultation which aims to gather comments and perspectives from various stakeholders and the general public on the relevance of the Erasmus+ programme's objectives, the effectiveness of the measures taken to achieve them and the efficiency of their implementation.
It will also gather views on the coherence of the programme and its added value in relation to the challenges and opportunities in education, training, youth and sport sectors, compared to what could be achieved by Member States only.
The consultation aims to gather views particularly from those who have not yet been subject to any specific surveys related to this evaluation.
The consultation also covers the Erasmus+ predecessor's programmes (e.g. Lifelong Learning, Youth in Action, Erasmus Mundus, etc.) and contains forward looking questions regarding a possible successor programme to Erasmus+ in 2020.
2.        Consultation Questions
From Erasmus + programmes and also previous Erasmus programmes, what was the impact on young people, students, teachers, youth workers, athletes, staff, employers, organisations and other interested parties?
What is the future for such Erasmus + programmes?
3.        Documents
For further information and relevant documents kindly click here.
4.        Submission of input
Submissions were sent by filling the online form.
We thank you for your input.
Deadline: 31 May 2017


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In addition, please be aware of:
·         Disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (Chapter 496)
As we are a public authority all documents we hold, including documents related to this public consultation process, may be released following a request to us under the Freedom of Information Act (Chap. 496), unless such request may be subject of an exemption arising from the same Act.



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