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From: Ministry for Gozo
​Published on: ​17 November 2017
Running till: ​17 December 2017
​Last Updated: ​18 December 2017

1.        Background
Along the years, the present structures of the Justice Law Courts at the Gozo Citadel, served as a suitable and adequate place in which the court performs day-to-day work.  This meant that the Gozitan people could be served comfortably from the same island, without the need to resort to Maltese Law Courts. 
With endless situation of a more hectic and progressive lifestyle, and conscious from the fact that accessibility, today more than ever, has become a priority not only for a few select groups of our society, but for all of us, a show of need was obvious for a more modern and accessible location and modern Law Court structure that fits with our time.
Previous administrations were in agreement with this vision and various studies were undertaken to explore places and locations fit for this new landmark in a particular site. 
The original site proposed in the past legislature for new court premises along with an underground parking, was an existing public parking.  Originally, the new Law Court Building had to be planned on a multi-storey car park spread over five (5) stories.  Hence, this building required the necessary excavations that had to dig very deep in order for the laying of foundations.
Various challenges presented themselves during preliminary studies before the actual commencement of the digging process, it came out that a huge project like this is could never rest on the proposed site.  This was due to the fact that the proposed site had problems with clay and there was an evident defect in the terrain.  Thanks to this study, the exact point where the problem stood was exactly beneath the proposed site of the new law court.  Upon this finding, and on various opinions from architects, the Ministry had to take a decision to find an alternative place, given that the defect in the terrain posed a major treat for the whole project during and also after construction. 
Faced with this new challenge, The Ministry For Gozo showed a pro-active approach and instructed various experts to identify potential sites that might occupy this project that is so highly important for the Gozitan society.  The Ministry For Gozo emphasized on the fact that the proposed sites had to be central and adequate for this aim by ensuring security and offers the right space for the foundations and other structures related to the building and parking facilities.  Apart from this, the structure has to be completely accessible, offers ancilliary facilities and is built in a modern way to reduce environemntal impact. 
After a serious technical exercise, a preferable alternative site was identified between the limits of Victoria and Xewkija, adjacent to ex-MDP that will be converted as an ICT hub and to RS2.  This site is easyily accessible and forms part of a new regeneartional project of all the zone.
2.        Consultation Questions
a.       Do you agree with the indicated site as a new location for the new law court?  If no, where do you suggest?
b.      What would you like to include in the new Law Courts in Gozo?
c.       What would you like to see that’s new that is not currently available in the present law court in Gozo?
3.        Submission of input
Submissions were sent in through the following channels:
By filling the online form.
By post:    Public Consultation – New Gozo Law Courts,  Minsitry For Gozo, St Francis Square, Victoria Gozo
Submissions were received by 17 December 2017.
We thank you for your input.


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