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Consultation Document on the Code for the Protection of Minors in Broadcasting



This Public Consultation is closed.



From: Broadcasting Authority
Published on: 5th September 2014
Last Updated: 16th October 2014 
This consultation ran from 5th September 2014 to 15th October 2014.

Feedback received from:

      • Kunsill tal-Malti
      • Office of the Info and Data Protection Commissioner
      • MPS Marketing Communications
      • Partit Nazzjonalista
      • Commissioner for Children
      • One
      • Communications
      • Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b’Dizabilità
      • PBS
      • National Commission for Promotion of Equality
      • Individual (Private Person)

Original Consultation


The protection of minors in broadcasting is considered as one of the most important themes across Europe. Broadcasters are expected not to broadcast programmes which may seriously impair the physical, mental and moral development of minors.
Under the Broadcasting Act, the Legal Notice dealing with the protection of minors was enacted in September 2000. Following the transposition of the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive (AVMS) in 2010, some minor amendments were introduced, but essentially the legislative framework focused entirely on advertising.
The need has long been felt for new provisions to be introduced to address a wide spectrum of programming and ensure that minors are protected from any harmful content which they may access from time to time.
With new technology constantly impacting the broadcasting industry, the proposed changes to the existing legal notice ensure that the Broadcasting Act will address a spectrum of themes relating to minors, including personal, social and psychological development as well as provisions to promote a healthy lifestyle. One amendment being put forward for consideration is the lowering of the age limit from 18 to 16 to define a minor under the Broadcasting Act.
The Broadcasting Authority is publishing a consultation document on the proposed legislative changes to the Legal Notice on the protection of minors. Given that the amended version encompasses various changes, the new title of this subsidiary legislation will be: “Code for the Protection, Welfare and Development of Minors on the Broadcasting Media”.
Broadcasting stations, independent production houses, and any interested parties are to submit feedback on this document by not later than Wednesday 15th October 2014.
Submissions can be sent via e-mail to:
Alternatively feedback can be sent to:
The Chief Executive
Broadcasting Authority
7, Mile End Road
Hamrun HMR 1719
Please be informed that submissions will be published on the webpage of this consultation at the end of the scoping phase. The lead Ministry has sole discretion upon the publication of comments.
Data Protection Statement Data Protection Act (Chapter 440)
The Data Protection Act, 2001 regulates the processing of personal data whether held electronically or in manual form. The Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties collects only information which is necessary for it to perform its intended functions and is set to fully comply with the Data Protection Principles as set out in the Act. No personal data will be disclosed or disseminated to third parties without the Data Subjects’ prior consent.
In addition, please be aware of:
·         Disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (Chapter 496)
As we are a public authority all documents we hold, including documents related to this public consultation process, may be released following a request to us under the Freedom of Information Act (Chap. 496), unless such request may be subject of an exemption arising from the same Act.

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