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Draft Climate Action Bill

24 October 2014
​From: Ministry for Sustainable Development, The Environment and Climate Change
Published:​ ​24 October 2014
Last Updated: ​2 March 2015
This public consultation ran through 24 October 2014 to  14 November 2014.
Feedback received is now published.
The Climate Action Bill is being discussed in Parliament. Kindly visit the following URL for further information.

​Original Consultation


1.        Background
The Ministry for Sustainable Development, The Environment and Climate Change is issuing for public consultation the draft Climate Action Bill.
This Bill is being proposed in further recognition of Climate Change as a common concern of mankind and in acknowledgement of the contribution of Malta to global efforts to address this problem.
The objective of this Bill is to provide for action so as to contribute to the mitigation of Climate Change by limiting greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activity and protecting and enhancing greenhouse gas absorption by the natural environment. This will contribute to the prevention, avoidance and reduction of the adverse impacts of Climate Change and the reduction of vulnerability, enhancement of resilience, and adaptation to its negative effects.
2.        Documents
i.  Consultation document >> Download the Consultation document here <<
ii.  The draft bill >> Download the draft bill here <<
3.        Feedback received

Please be informed that submissions were published on the webpage of this consultation at the end of the scoping phase. The lead Ministry has sole discretion upon the publication of comments.

Please note that a default display name will feature on your comment if you prefer not to publish your name and surname.
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