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Malta Tourism Strategy 2021-2030 - Recover, Rethink, Revitalise


From: Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection
Malta Tourism Authority)
​Published: 8 February 2021
Running till: 8 March 2021
​Last Updated: ​9 March 2021


The National Tourism Policy launched in 2015, expired at the end of 2020. Work on a new Strategy started in 2019 and the target was to launch a new and updated strategy document early in 2020.
   The plan was however disrupted when COVID 19 struck the world and overnight ground to a halt the travel and tourism industry in Malta and worldwide.  

In this context, a decision to formulate an updated Tourism Strategy that would outline Government’s long term vision for tourism development up to 2030 whilst at the same time consider the recovery of the sector from the damage done by the COVID 19 pandemic.

The document being published for public consultation, is intended to present the key elements of Malta’s Tourism Strategy for the period 2021-2030.   
This strategy is built on a three-staged premise: 

    1. A recovery effort from the chaos wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, focused on protecting and preserving the vital components of Malta’s Visitor Economy in the background of the challenges posed by the pandemic.
    2. A longer-term re-evaluation and repositioning to reflect evolutionary forces as well as new post pandemic realities – both negative and positive.
    3. A detailed and committed programme of deliverables covering the various strategic challenges addressed by this strategy with a view to being able to deliver a stronger, more sustainable and competitive tourism industry by 2030.

The Document aims to form the basis of a wide discussion with the scope of providing the Maltese Tourism Industry with a sound platform from which to recover the losses inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic whilst taking decisive steps to strengthen Tourism’s economic and social awareness and sensitivity and a quest to grow Tourism’s contribution beyond mere volumes by attracting a higher spending tourist: a tourist who appreciates those authentic, quality experiences which the destination is capable of offering. This will lead to a Maltese Tourism Industry which is built on stronger foundations based on the principles of sustainability.

It recognizes the changing international trends, seeks to equate a higher quality, diverse Maltese tourism offer with what travellers shall be seeking in the coming years and addresses challenges in areas ranging from service delivery and human resource requirements, accommodation mix, connectivity, facilities and digitalisation to embracing the Sustainable Development Goals and addressing Climate Change. It seeks to equate enhanced visitor satisfaction with agreeable host population tolerance.

It recognizes that Malta’s tourism offer is a combination of supply and demand-based initiatives. As a result, the Strategy shall harness the opportunities arising during the post-COVID interlude to propose the best possible ways to reassess Malta’s tourism model, guide investment opportunities and continue the process of enhancing the quality dimension of Malta’s tourism offer not only by addressing the physical product but also through the further development of the human resource element.

The input from this public consultation shall contribute to the finalization of the ten-year Malta’s Tourism Strategy early in 2021 following which work will start on its delivery together with all stakeholders.

2.        Documents

maltatourismstrategy_2030.pdfMalta Tourism Strategy 2021-2030.pdf​

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3.        Submission of input

Submissions were sent in by email to the address:​

Submissions were received by 8 March 2021.
We thank you for your input.

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