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5G Demand and Future Business Models: Towards a Feasible 5G Deployment


Office of the​ Prime Minister 
(Malta Communications Authority)
​Published on: ​5 June 2019
Running till: 28 June 2019
​Last Updated: ​1 July 2019
1.        Background

The fifth generation of mobile telecommunications (5G) technology has the potential to change the way we live, work, and play.  5G does not simply enhance mobile coverage and data speed. It is purposely designed to be the first generation of cellular networks to enable the digital transformation of society and the economy at large.

The MCA is seeking to continue stimulating the debate on 5G and how it can affect future business models, products and services across the Telecommunications, ICT, Health, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Media and Communications, Research and Education, Transport, Energy, Building Services, the Public Sector and any other industry.

This study and the related survey summarises information concerning uses and applications which identify 5G as an enabler and is intended to further stimulate the discussion towards a feasible 5G deployment.

2.        Consultation Questions

Kindly refer to the survey included in the consultation document.

3.        Documents

5G business models.pdf5G business models.pdf
4.        Submission of input

Submissions were sent by email to the following address:

Submisions were received by 28 June 2019
We thank you for your input.
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