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Reform on human trafficking and prostitution


Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification of Administrative Processes within the Office of the​ Prime Minister
​Published on: ​3 September 2019
Running till: ​31 October 2019
​Last Updated: ​1 November 2019

The Government Electoral Manifesto states that the government pledges to “launch a debate on the regularisation and decriminalisation of prostitution.” The Manifesto also states that the “main aim should be to protect vulnerable people from being exploited as sex workers and at the same time further enhance the fight against trafficking of persons.”

multifaceted challenges attributed to this reform require a concerted effort by all the state entities involved. In the light of such interdependence between different Ministries, an Inter-Ministerial Committee was set up to discuss both short- and long-term steps to be taken by the Government. Government representatives have the opportunity to share their views on a myriad of subjects, ranging from support services to victims and vulnerable persons, investigation and enforcement, regulations promoting ethical recruitment, the judicial process, health, employment and education, immigration and other related themes.

The Parliamentary Secretariat have held preliminary discussions and consultations with key local and international actors to identify priority areas and potential limitations in the State’s current approach to these issues. The consultation process is intended to: 
1.  Develop a comprehensive National Strategy Against Human Trafficking; and, 
2.  Address reforms needed in laws and policies related to prostitution. 

2.        Consultation Questions
  • Do you agree with the thrust of the key policy areas as indicated in the consultation document? 
  • Is there anything that is missing or you would like to add?
  • Do you have any proposals that you wish to convey in this context? 
  • What developments would you expect to see in Malta’s reform as it relates to prostitution?
  • Please share comments or proposals you wish to make with regard to strategies to tackle human trafficking. 
  • Please send any documents relating to the fight against human trafficking that you believe should be considered in the formulation of the national strategy against human trafficking. 

4.        Submission of input

Submissions were sent in through the following channels:

By filling the online form, or
By email:, or
By post:         Human Trafficking and Prostitution Reform
                     Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification
                     of Administrative Processes (Office of the Prime Minister)
                     Auberge de Castille,
                     Valletta, VLT 1061,

Submissions were received by 31 October 2019.                               
We thank you for your input.
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In addition, please be aware of:
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