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Office Space Required Valletta, Floriana or the Central Region Area

Date: Nov 21, 2017

Office Space Required

Valletta, Floriana or the Central Region Area



The Ministry for European Affairs and Equality would like to receive offers for the lease of office space located in Valletta, Floriana or a locality in the Central Region Area in Malta.

The following are mandatory criteria:

1.    Due to logistical considerations, the building is located in the Valletta, Floriana or the Central Region Area in Malta;

2.    Building is covered with the relevant MEPA permits and can be used as offices;

3.    Building is fully compliant with MEPA permit drawings, conforms to local building regulations and standards and has all necessary permits required by all relevant authorities;

4.    Building has a minimum area of 3,000 square metres which can be used as office space with at least 3 board room facilities and related office amenities;

5.    Building has available garage spaces and/or dedicated on-site parking facilities for at least 10 cars;

6.    Building is user friendly and provide accessibility for the disabled on all levels;

7.    Building is furnished with modern air conditioning facilities;

8.    Building has installed lift facilities if office space is spread on more than one floor and/or is not at street level;

9.    A minimum di fermo rent of 3 years with an option to extend for further periods.

Due consideration will be given to the state of completion of the building, which ideally should be ready to move into by not later than end December 2017.

The Ministry reserves the right to negotiate with a preferred candidate following an assessment of the property and an evaluation of the submissions received. The award criteria will be on a most economically advantageous basis.

The right is reserved to reject any of the submissions made. The Ministry also reserves the right not to proceed further with this call for proposals and not to enter into any contract.

Interested parties are asked to submit the following documentation:

a.    Full-scale MEPA Permit Plans;

b.    Full MEPA Permit document, including site plan;

c.     A description of the premises, including the exact location, a minimum of 4 photos of the façade and a minimum of 10 photos of the internal area;

d.    An indication of the rent fee requested per square metre for the office space;

e.    An indication of the rent fee requested per garage parking space and/or on-site parking facilities;

f.      Details of any servitudes and any legal constraints which may have an impact on the functionality of the premises.

The indicated information is to be submitted in a sealed envelope, and deposited at the Directorate for Corporate Services, Ministry for European Affairs and Equality, Tal-Pilar, 31B, Marsamxett Road, Valletta by noon of Friday, 1st December 2017.

Further enquiries or clarifications may be obtained by sending an email to



Expenditure may be co-funded through European Union / Bilateral funding