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Invitation to submit Proposals for the Lease of Premises to house offices for the Information Management Unit and the Directorate for Policy Development and Programme Implementation

Date: Feb 09, 2017
Expression of Interest (EOI)
Invitation to submit Proposals for the
 Lease of Premises to house offices for
the Information Management Unit and the Directorate for Policy Development and Programme Implementation
MSDC 130/2015/3
Published in Government Gazette of Friday, 9 th February, 2017
Published on MSDC website on Friday, 9 th  February, 2017
Closing date for submissions: Friday, 24th February, 2017

LEASE OF PREMISES for the Information Management Unit and the Directorate for Policy Development and Programme Implementation
Expression of Interest
The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties is communicating an Expression of Interest for the leasing of premises.  The objective is to house administrative offices for the Information Management Unit and the Directorate for Policy Development and Programme Implementation for a period of twelve (12) months with the possibility of extending the period for further leasing as decided by the Permanent Secretary and/or his/her representative.
The offices must be equipped with individual (metered/sub-metered/acceptable other means) Electricity and Water meters and an official ARMS declaration that there are no pending bills.
The premises, which may have a floor area between 500 (five hundred) to 700 (seven hundred) metres square, should include necessary amenities including offices, kitchenette, toilets, meeting/board room, waiting area, reception, storing and parking facilities.   The building must be finished and ready to move into and must include network points, air-conditioners, electricity points etc to service such offices.
The premises should conform to all local building regulations and standards such as PA/ERA and OHSA, as well as possessing all the necessary permits as required by the relevant authorities including permit to be used as “office”.   
It is essential that the premises are fully accessible and in conformity with the guidelines published by the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability. 
It is to be noted that:
1.       Preference will be given to premises which are in centrally located areas.
2.       Buildings which have availability of parking facilities for its employees and visitors and are included in the price.
3.       Buildings must be certified in Energy Efficiency as per latest legislation.
4.       The premises are insured (building and contents) and an insurance policy is issued by companies authorised to do business in Malta and approved by landlords and is included in the quoted price.
5.       Lifts are required if the property is situated higher than the ground floor.
Submissions must also include the following documents:
1.       Copy of plans of property (1:100 plan) identifying the different amenities identified above.
2.       A set of photos of both interior and exterior areas and other facilities on site.
Any other relevant additional documents may also be submitted with the above.
The following documents are also required but can be submitted on signing of the contract with the winning bidder:
3.       Copy of PA/ERA permits (use as office including classification);
4.       OHSA certification;
5.       Building Efficiency certification;
6.       ARMS statement showing that Electricity and Water bills are fully settled.
Failure to submit the above certificates as identified will render the bid as invalid. 
A clarification period is established which includes the following:
  1. Requests for clarification by bidder/s are to be submitted up to 5 (five) days prior to the closing date of the EOI (up to closing of business of 20th February, 2017) .
  2. Replies by MSDC must be submitted up to 3 (three) days prior to the closing date of EOI (up to closing of business of 22nd February, 2017)
Official replies will be communicated on the MSDC website (
Submissions must also include details on: -
a)       Personal and contact details of the premises owner including address and contact numbers;
b)      the exact location and address of the premises being offered for lease;
c)       the area offered in square metres and on how many floors (areas per floor) the area is distributed, including parking facilities;
d)      whether the area offered exists on its own or is a part of a block that houses or may
        be shared by third parties;
e)    whether the premises are in a “finished” state, and ready to move into;
e)      the annual rental fee should be quoted exclusive of VAT but including all applicable taxes and charges;
f)        Premises must be free from access to third parties.
a)       The Permanent Secretary reserves the right to select and/or reject any or all of the submitted proposals.  The Permanent Secretary may also decide not to proceed further with the EOI process.
b)      The bidder shall consider the submission of an expression as acceptable on the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
c)       Each bidder shall be solely responsible for the fees, costs and expenses incurred in participating in the present process, and MSDC will under no circumstances be liable for any such fee, costs, expenses, re-imbursements, loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the proposal process.
d)      Assessment will be carried out on area per metre square (including all facilities mentioned above).
e)      MSDC reserves the right to request a site visit as required during adjudication stage and to request further clarifications, failure to which may lead to disqualification of bid.
f)        Payments of annual rent will be paid out three months in advance.
g)       Bid is to be signed by the Contractor or his/her authorised signatory.
h)      Government general conditions shall apply.
Submissions are to be received in hard copy in a sealed envelope marked Confidential and sent By Hand to the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Barriera Wharf, Valletta, quoting the above title and EOI number by not later than 12.00 noon of Friday, 24th February 2017.
Time (*)
Date Published
9th February, 2017
Final date for request for any additional information from MSDC
20th February, 2017
End of business (17:00hrs)
Final date for MSDC to reply to additional information and clarification requests
22nd February, 2017
End of business (17:00hrs)
Closing date for the Submission of Expression of Interest
24th February 2017
*Central European Time (CET)
Further enquires are to be made through email address:
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