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This campaign seeks to promote a more equal, accessible and inclusive Malta where everyone feels they belong. The businesses and other organisations involved aim at being more inclusive, not only towards employees but also towards their customers and business partners, especially in reference to the LGBTIQ community.

All businesses and organisations are encouraged to sign up to the #ILKOLLMERĦBA #ALLWELCOME Campaign and to strive towards a business environment that is respectful of its LGBTIQ workforce, clients and business partners.

The principles being signed up to are the following:

  1. Respect for human dignity.

Businesses and other organisations are encouraged to put in place practices and/or policies to ensure that human rights are respected. All should ensure to respect any individual who they come in contact with, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity gender expression, sex characteristics, nationality, religion, disability or age amongst others.

  1. Eliminate discrimination at the workplace and the market place.

Businesses and other organisations should ensure that there is no discrimination in their recruitment, employment, working conditions, benefits, respect for privacy or treatment of harassment. They should not discriminate against LGBTIQ suppliers or customers. This practice should be shared and encouraged with business partners and suppliers.

  1. Support LGBTIQ staff.

Businesses and other organisations should aim to create a positive working environment. This ensures that all members of staff can work with dignity and without stigma.

  1. Adequate representation of diversity in our publicity campaigns.

Businesses and other organisations are encouraged to show their support towards the LGBTIQ community not just through internal policies, but also beyond the work environment. The business or organisation, should as much as is viable, seek to promote equal rights for all and respect towards the rights of LGBTIQ persons.

Are you a business or organisation and wish to apply? Sign up to become part of the #ILKOLLMERĦBA #ALLWELCOME campaign:

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Get to know the businesses/organisations who have already joined the campaign.

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