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The Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations

The Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations

The CVO is appointed by the Minister responsible for Social Policy in consultation with the Social Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (Cap. 492, Part III, Article 5). The responsibilities related to his office include:

  providing enrollment facilities for organisations which are eligible for enrollment in terms of this Act;

  monitoring the activities of VOs in order to ensure observance of the provisions of this Act and any regulations made thereunder;

  providing VOs with information about the benefits and responsibilities deriving from registration as legal persons in terms of the Second Schedule to the Civil Code and enrollment in terms of this Act;

  providing information and guidelines to persons performing voluntary work and to members of VOs, for the better performance of their role and for the better achievement of the objectives of the VOs in which they serve;

  making recommendations to the Minister on legislation and policies in support of VOs, volunteers and voluntary work;

  assisting Government, government departments, public agencies and entities controlled by the Government in preparing and reviewing policies in support of VOs and the voluntary sector in general;

  investigating any complaints relating to VOs or persons or organisations purporting to be VOs and their activities, and to take such action as is in his power to redress any justified grievance that may come to his notice;

  monitoring the promotion of VOs and the behaviour of administrators of such organisations to ensure the observance of high standards of accountability and transparency and compliance with law;

  co-ordinating and communicating with the Registrar for Legal Persons in terms of the Second Schedule to the Civil Code with a view to facilitating registration and enrollment processes for VOs;

  co-operating with and supporting the Council to develop policies which will be of benefit to the voluntary sector in general or categories thereof;

  performing any other function or duty that is assigned to him under this Act and any regulations made thereunder as well as such other functions as may be assigned to him under any other law. (Cap. 492, Part III, Article 7)

Contact Name
Office of the Commissioner
for Voluntary Organisations
Block C, Beltissebh,
Floriana FRN 1700
Telephone : 2568 7261
Fax: 2568 7265
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
(Excluding Public Holidays)
1st October : 15th June
08.15 : 12.15; 12.30 : 14.30
16th June : 30th September
08.15 : 12.15; 12.30 : 13.30